Please see attached on this page a report from the NAO (National Audit Office) called Children and Young People in Care and Leaving Care which shows national statistics for Children in Care and Care Leavers.

NAO Report on Children and Young People in Care and Leaving Care

Some of the more concerning statistics are highlighted below:


2 out of 3

In 2015 Ofsted Inspectors told the Government that 59 local authorities, nearly two out of three it had visited were not good enough in how they help care leavers.

Care Leavers and Children in Care are more likely to be homeless than other young people. One in four homeless people have been in care at some point.

1 in 4

They are more likely to get in trouble with the law. Nearly half of young men in trouble with the law had been in care at some point. 

They often have mental health problems. Care Leavers are four or five times more likely to harm themselves and other young people.

4 5 times


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Saw this on LinkedIn and thought what a great working ethos to support the emotional health of young people at this…
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Always good to revisit this information....
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