Will Calver, Founder and Chair of Trustees


Will Calver works in the higher education (HE) sector, promoting and enhancing participation into and through HE for people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, including groups such as care leavers. He has a passion for enhancing the outcomes for children in care and care leavers, and understands the challenges they face through engagement with them while working within his role in higher education, and his experience of being in care when he was younger.

Claudia David

claudia david

Claudia is a corporate strategy and business transformation specialist who has worked with senior executives at Fortune 500 / FTSE 100 and equivalent companies in Europe, Asia and America. She is passionate about  making sure looked after children get the treatment they deserve to allow them to feel valued and deserving of equal opportunities. 

Robert Gill, Trustee

I am a retired Civil Servant and a serving Justice of the Peace.  In the youth court I see far too many Children in Care whose lives have been far from the happy childhood we all want for our young people.  Many if not most of these youngsters would not have found their way to a court room had they not had to suffer the trauma of a disrupted upbringing, often with little or no love and guidance. Isabel’s Voice aims to hold to account the local authorities whose job it is to provide at least some of that support and help that these children so desperately need.

Elizabeth Lines

elizabeth lines

Elizabeth Lines spent her career in the Higher and Further Education sector and now works as a volunteer with Healthwatch Kent. She has a strong commitment to widening participation in education and improving the life chances of people of all ages.

Fiona Ross

elizabeth lines

Fiona Ross has had a successful career spanning 27 years in the Fashion Retail industry. She brings a wealth of experience in setting strategy and managing complex organisational issues gained throughout her career, most recently in the role of Managing Director of a fashion brand operating globally. Through personal relationships she has experience of how the care system can follow children through to adulthood and has a passion to help improve the outcomes of young people allowing them to build successful lives.

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